Livestock Veterinary Services in Saint Claude, MB

Veterinary Services

Owning dairy and beef cattle is a profitable venture, but only if your livestock is kept in optimal health. At Rolling Plains Veterinary Corporation, our years of expertise and experience allow us to deliver quality veterinary services to your cattle.

We’re here to provide your cattle with ultrasounds, vaccinations, examinations, diagnostic testing, surgery and all else needed for optimal health. We will work with you to keep you up to date and educated on antimicrobial use, cattle health conditions and more!

St. Claude and Notre Dame Vet Clinics are fully equipped with outdoor handling facilities and pull through trailer areas. Inside there are cattle squeeze chutes for examinations and surgery, as well as hoof trimming tables for problem feet.

We have fully equipped work vehicles to enable us to perform examinations, diagnostic tests, and surgery on farms with the proper handling facilities in Saint Claude, Rathwell, Haywood, and Manitoba, MB.

Our St. Claude and Notre Dame clinics are well stocked with both prescription and over-the-counter drugs and vaccines. Pay at time of pick up for a 10% discount!

Got Dairy Cattle?

Our clinics strive to be proactive in the field of pet medications, with no exception in the dairy world. We emphasize the importance of herd health and preventive medicine, as well as food animal safety to all of our dairy producers.

We offer biweekly and monthly herd health visits to our dairy clients providing ultrasound veterinary services to allow for early pregnancy diagnosis and uterine examinations. We also consult with our clients on vaccination and treatment protocols, body condition scoring, udder health and milk quality issues.

We also provide a wide range of products and pharmaceuticals for your dairy needs. An in-clinic laboratory, as well as access to the provincial lab, provides our clients with many diagnostic options.

Beef Cattle

Biosecurity and Food Animal Safety are two major issues we deal with when it comes to beef herd health programs for our producers. As a veterinary team, we emphasize the importance of decreasing pathogen exposure and improving the herd’s immunity. We educate our clients on the benefits of proper antimicrobial use, both in selection and administration. We communicate the importance of yearly on farm visits for pregnancy diagnosis and body condition scoring.

Trust the veterinary services at St. Claude Veterinary Clinic for all your cattle needs. Contact us today for mobile vet help!