May 18, 2022

"We drive one hour to visit Dr. Prejet and she is the best! She is thorough and gentle and explains everything to us so we know exactly what to expect. the staff is excellent. Our puppy is so calm and content at the clinic. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"
July 28, 2021

"I absolutely love and trust taking my dog here so much so that I drive an hour away to take her there. I wouldn’t go anywhere else unless I really needed to."
October 27, 2020

"Fantastic care for our pets daily and emergency needs. Staff and Doctor get to know there patients and care about there well being. Very knowledgeable! Thanks Dr. Mark and staff!!!"
April 17, 2020

"Can’t say enough about this clinic. We have had a few after hours call outs with our pets and they are fantastic to deal with and always accommodate us! And give our pups the best care! Thanks for being there! "
March 23, 2020

Caring Veterinary Clinic

"Our dog, who was getting quite old, passed away through the night. We took him down for a private cremation to spread his ashes later at his favorite spot. We got a call to come and pick him up which we did and returned home. A few days later we received a letter in the mail wishing us condolences, signed by all the staff at the clinic. It was a very heartwarming gesture and surprised both us, as it was the very first time using the clinic. I just want to thank all of you at the St. Claude Veterinary Clinic for being such thoughtful compassionate people."