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How Much Does It Cost For a Vet Visit Near Me?

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Taking your pets to the vet is one of the best things you can do if you want them to live long, healthy lives. Your vet can help you watch for developing health problems, illnesses, and injuries, so you can get your pets the treatment they need as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, vet visits can be an expensive obstacle for some pet parents. It costs money to take your pets to the vet; some vet visits cost much more than others. Preparing for the cost of inevitable vet visits is a crucial part of being a pet parent. If you want to know how much you can expect to pay for a vet visit in your area, here’s everything you need to know.

The Average Cost

Even though it’s not always the best gauge, it’s good to know the average vet visit cost. It’s also important to remember that these average costs can vary quite a bit based on your location, your chosen vet, and why you’re taking your pet to the vet. On average, a vet visit will cost you about $60. This is the average cost for a typical vet visit, meaning this price doesn’t include visits to a specialist or any additional testing and treatment your pet may need.


Checkups are one of the more affordable vet services, which means you can expect to pay somewhere close to the average for a checkup. Remember that this price is for a standard checkup and doesn’t include any additional services your vet may recommend. When you take your dog or cat in for a checkup, your vet may also want to do blood work and other testing to ensure they have no serious medical issues. On average, you should expect to spend between $50 and $100 for a checkup.


If your pet has an injury or is showing signs of an illness or disease, you should take them to the vet to figure out what’s wrong with them. Vets have extensive knowledge of animals, but they also have access to equipment and labs that make it easier to figure out what’s happening with your pet. Unfortunately, blood work, X-rays, and other extensive testing can cost a lot of money. Depending on the tests your vet has to run, a vet visit to diagnose an illness or injury can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.


Sometimes, surgery is the best way to treat your pet’s issues. Most pet parents take their pets in to get neutered or spayed when they’re old enough, but your pets may also need surgery for broken limbs, dental problems, and benign growths on the skin. The surgery cost can vary quite a bit based on the ailment, with more affordable surgeries costing a few hundred while the most expensive surgeries cost several thousand dollars. If your dog or cat needs surgery, your vet will discuss the cost and payment options.


Vaccinating dogs and cats helps prevent a wide range of diseases. If you have a puppy or kitten, you should talk to your vet about getting them started on a vaccination schedule. Vaccines are administered at certain ages, and boosters are administered regularly after vaccinations. Vaccinating your pets typically costs between $30 and $50, so you don’t want to miss a vaccination or booster. If your pets haven’t been getting booster shots, talk to your vet about boosters next time you schedule an appointment.


Prescription medications are the answer to a lot of health problems in pets. If your dog or cat is sick and needs prescription medication, you can expect to pay varying amounts based on the medication you need. Some prescriptions are available for as little as $50, while others may cost hundreds. It’s also important to remember that prescriptions vary in length and typically cost more the longer they last. In some cases, you can talk to your vet about generic alternatives and other ways to save money on prescription medication. If you have pet insurance, prescription medication costs are often included in your coverage.

Other Treatment

Surgery and medication are far from the only treatments that vets offer. Vets and other specialists may recommend all types of treatments depending on your pet’s illness or injury. Surgery is commonly used to treat limb injuries, but physical therapy can help animals get back on their feet after an injury. Your vet can also help you figure out the right diet and exercise plan for your pets, and many vets even sell specialty food and other products designed to keep your pets healthy. These additional treatments can vary a lot in terms of cost, with dog food and treats costing as little as $20 to $50, while physical therapy and other treatments can cost hundreds or thousands.

Schedule an Appointment with RPVC

It’s not easy being a pet parent, especially when you consider how much vet visits can cost. Fortunately, routine exams and other basic vet services are fairly affordable, and you can always invest in pet insurance for everything else. Plus, you can avoid expensive vet bills by taking good care of your pets, including feeding them a healthy diet and ensuring they get enough exercise. If your pet needs a checkup or has an ailment that’s bothering them, call Rolling Plains Veterinary Corporation at (204) 379-2374 to schedule an appointment with a vet.

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